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Arise... Save Rama's Bridge

The Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project, which envisages dredging of a ship channel across the Palk straits between India and Srilanka, has finally begun. The project will allow ships sailing between the east and west costs of India to have a straight passage through India's territorial waters, instead of having to circumvent Sri Lanka. This will lead to a saving of upto 424 nautical miles (780 Km) and upto to 30 hours in sailing time.

Two channels will be created - one across Rama’s Bridge or Adam’s Bridge (the chain of islets and shallows linking India with Sri Lanka) South - east of Pamban Island and another through the shallows of Palk Bay, deepening the Palk straits. The total length of these two channels would be 89 Kms.

This Blog is created with a sole aim to unite all like minded people of India and abroad who wants to protect the most ancient man-made bridge known as Rama’s Bridge ( or Adam’s Bridge ), the world’s most ancient heritage, and to save India from ecological destructions.

Lord Rama’s heritage, including the holy city of Rameshwaram is in jeopardy with the launch of the Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project by the Indian Government ( dredging work started Dec. 1, 2006 ).

The visual proof from the google and NASA satellite images clearly depict the presence of a bridge connecting India and SriLanka as described in the most revered Hindu scripture “The Ramayana”. Any damage to the Rama’s Bridge is an insult to the religious sentiments of over one billion people.

Despite of this known facts, it is believed that the Sethusamudram project was hastily started without enough awareness and consultations of the Hindu people around the world. This project will have far-reaching implications and detrimental effects for all Hindus.

Just like some of the classical Greek and Egyptian treasures and heritage are being excavated in the West from below the sea, there is a strong possibility for excavation of the Poompuhar heritage. But this will be lost by the Sethusamudaram Ship Channel.

Experts have also argued that the design of the Channel is likely to invite a tsunami type of effect that could wash out Rameshwaram, which is one of the holiest city for Hindus, that will get submerged like Dhanushkodi, which got submerged in the 1960s and like Poompuhar, which got submerged in the Sangam period.

In the assessment of Dr.T.S.Murty, leading tsunami expert, the Sethusamudram project could cause a tsunami with drastic consequences for the entire shoreline extending from Dhanushkodi to Ernakulam, and from the Delft Island to Colombo.

Furthermore, destroying the barrier between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea is likely to result in a severe climatic changes such that the very pattern of monsoon rainfall in India could get altered for the worse. This will have an enormous disastrous effect on India’s climate that will result in destruction of crops and ecological treasures.

Despite of the warnings by the experts, the project got a green light to go ahead. This clearly indicates that government had set its mind to destroy the world heritage. Taking into account the historical, cultural, economical, and religious sentiments associated with Rama’s Bridge, we are making an earnest appeal to the Honorable President of India and members of the Indian Government to immediately abandon the Sethusamudram project and direct the authorities concerned to stop the destruction of Rama’s Bridge.

We must all arise to protect our culture, traditions, religious sentiments, and monuments in India and around the world.

Please sign the PETITION at to Save Rama's Bridge.

Thank you

Bharat Gohil
Jai Jai Mataram…Vandemataram

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satish said...

The bridge whose images has been discovered are propogated as the one built by Rama by people like you and media associated with Sangh parivar.They are also spreading the hoax that it is man made and
1,750,000 years old.But NASA has debunked this false propogation.
Please see

You can also see or

or report on Hindu at

Adam's Bridge is only a chain of shoals between the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar, created by sedimentation owing to long shore currents.He traced the geological history of the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar. The region was part of Cauvery basin, which was formed during the separation of India and Antarctica about 70 million years ago during the `Gondwana period.' The long shore currents on the southern side of island created a discontinuous shoreline eastward from Dhanuskodi to Talaimannar, which is the Adam's Bridge.

Please dont communalise this issue.

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Shirdi Sai Baba on Setu bridge of Ramayana

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I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks.

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